Dec 15 2018

Update! It’s been months and I’ve been busy with Pancake Party, FACTOR, work and life in general. I’m so proud of my scene, there are SO many great bands in town, here are some of my favourite performances:

Pancake Party gives me the oppertunity to discover new bands, help out Montreal’s music scene and continually learn how to record, mix and produce music. I’ll be investing in new gear to bring you higher quality live streams and I can’t wait to broadcast in HD! My music is on its way too…

May 03 2018

I’m feeling fantastic today – the results are in from CULTMTL: My radio show Pancake Party is in the top three radio shows in Montreal for 2018! You can read the results from the poll here

Mar 11 2018

I was the MC of Rockalypse this year! Thanks to Alessia Priolo for inviting me to be the Rockalypse MC of 2018 – I had a blast!

Thanks to Felix Deconinck for the huge picture

Dec 06 2017

Here, so you can recognize me from miles away

Picture by Alexis Gagnon

Pre-prod en cours, my solo album is coming along nicely, here’s what I’ve made so far:

Pancake Party

Diamond Tree


My reviews for Bucketlist

Jul 25 2017

So much has happened… My band Diamond Tree is dead. Guillaume (drummer) quit a few weeks ago, as did Marc-Antoine (keys). Though it is sad that the project I worked so hard for is gone, what I’ve learned will help for my next project. Been writing TONS lately, got 10 new songs on the way. Here’s a quick acoustic demo of one of them:

(March 2018 Update: I had released an acoustic version of the first track off the album… But I’d rather wait for the final product to be ready. It will be worth the wait.)

Jul 01 2017

Happy Canada Day! For the past three years I busked in the Montreal subway system to practice my singing chops, meet people and to fill an oversized bottle with the money I made underground. Well, after three years, the bottle is full and I’m giving it all away! Yeah, I could use the money but I feel there are people who need it more than me. I posted this on Facebook (click on it to see the moving gif) and I’ll be announcing the winner tonight!

Feb 05 2017

Still super busy: 40 hrs @ Long & McQuade, 2 band practices/week, 2 busking nights/week, 2 classes in Journalism at Concordia, Pancake Party rolling strong with a new addition to my team: Alexis Gagnon is now filming it all in HD and editing the footage for Pancake Party’s Youtube channel, metronome 2 nights a week… Wednesday I relax… My one day off/month, can’t wait. Oh yeah we just played Rockalypse and we’RE MOVING ONTO THE NEXT ROUND!

Nov 20 2016

Busy as usual! Diamond Tree just played a show in Ottawa and today I hosted the second episode of my radio show Pancake Party! It’s broadcasted on CJLO’s airwaves and can be listened live online here.

It’s on every Sunday from 9 to 10 am and features my favorite tracks and live performances by local and travelling talent. Hosting a radio show is pretty damn cool, there’s definitely a performance aspect to it that I quite enjoy. Lots more to say but time is running and so must I.

Oct 05 2016

The last week has been pretty cool for Diamond Tree: We were the featured artist in The Concordian in the September 27 issue and on October 3rd we were aired on CKCU’s airways in Ottawa and online! Exciting times…

Read the article here

Sep 09 2016

Here it is! Diamond Tree’s second EP! I’m going to start creating our EPK on Sunday and hopefully start sending it out to every radio station, record label and producer by next week!

Aug 20 2016

Diamond Tree’s second EP is DONE! Feels good, sounds good, I’m excited. Here’s a pic of G & I busking with the guys on Fleury street for Montreal’s Festiblues! Merci Martine Ouellet pour la belle photo!

May 31 2016

A few days ago, my band Diamond Tree was lucky enough to be sponsored by Converse to record at Montreal’s Breakglass Studios, as part of their Rubbertracks project. It was an awesome experience and our first sponsorship. I’m so grateful to have lived that and walk out with a new track for everyone to listen to. We tracked A Painter’s Dream live off the floor, and here it is!

Feb 07 2016

How a song is made. All that’s left now are lyrics and a chorus.

Nov 30 2015

500 CDs of Diamond Tree’s first EP have been printed

Found my minibus, bought & fixed it up:
new tires, new shocks, new breaks, new bumper, new exhaust pipe, new fenders, tainted windows, hydrolic lift removed, new windshield wipers. Bus Safety: First aid kit, fire extinguisher, tire inflator, powerpack, jack, lug wrench, jumper cables, flares, etc.

Rehearsal room AC installed

Diamond Tree has played three shows to date:
August 28 2015 @ BarPub St-Denis w/Boris Casablanca & The Lovely Haze
September 16 2015 @ Bistro de Paris w/Charles Dupin & The Empty Yellers
November 12 2015 @ Piranha Bar w/White Canvas Sky & The Balcon Villains

Still busking (although much less now)

Still playing drums

Writing reviews for Bucketlist

I’ve never been so busy in my life.

To do:
Customize bus interior + install backup/security cam and security locks
Record: Guitars, bass, keyboard & vocals for EPII
Fill the bottle
Book more shows

Aug 01 2015


PRINT CDS – quotes, graphics, phone calls, planning

FIND THE BUS – kijiji everyday, engine research – makes, models, years, conditions, parts, phone calls, planning, find good available mechanic, emails, emails, emails

INSTALL AC IN NEW REHEARSAL ROOM – find contractor, find ac

PLAY A SHOW – practice with bassist, plan rehearsals, practice, practice, venue info, find bands for the show

BUSK – fill the bottle, practice singing, practice… standing

PLAY DRUMS – cause it’s fun, practice, practice, practice, cause it’s something new

LEARN JAZZY SONGS – Possible new gig

Jun 12 2015

Plans. So many plans, ideas, things to do… There’s so much work and I can’t stop wanting more. Ideas… So many that need to happen – there’s a sort of urgency in my life now, a new kind of tension that is ticking. My clock is awake, I guess. Just started, someone just punched in an alarm. I see the end approaching yet I remain in control – the need to fulfill has become my main drive. Ideas – they need to become real, they need to happen. Work. Always. Move, forward.

May 09 2015

HERE IT IS! What a process that was, a huge learning experience for Guillaume and I, and totally worth it in the end. Next step will be to find a bassist and keyboardist to join Diamond Tree and start playing shows.

Feb 28 2015

Mixing starts Monday.

Feb 24 2015

RECORDING IS DONE! Friday we’ll be sharing a teaser of our EP, very excited to be sharing this with the world!

Feb 05 2015

This week Guillaume and I went to a church in downtown Montreal to record their bells for a song on Diamond Tree’s EP. I’ve also been tracking vocals and we’ve got 1 song left to do! Next step will be keyboards, and then mixing, mastering and printing. Basically, we’re almost done recording – we’re hoping to have that done by the end of next week. In the meantime, enjoy this vid of us getting those church bells recorded!

Jan 26 2015

Diamond Tree has finished recording Drums, Bass and all Guitars. We are currently working on synth/key sounds and will be tracking vocals in the first week of February. We’re brainstorming ideas for the CD artwork and other merchandise. We also have a new logotype, ‘cuz the old one clashed with the logo. Here are the two united:

Nov 10 2014

Progress! A sweet feeling. Thanks again to Jeanne Pollock from AppleOrange Creations for all her help.

Nov 08 2014

We’re almost done tracking guitars, here’s a silly vid

Oct 25 2014

Recording bass:

Tomorrow we start tracking this:

Oct 18 2014

Today I finished tracking bass for Diamond Tree. Video coming soon. In the meantime, here’s some footage of Guillaume behind the kit, laying down beats for the EP. Also, my new amp has arrived and it’s GLORIOUS.

Sep 13 2014

Graphic design. It’s a beautiful thing, especially when you’re working with a class act. Thanks to Jeanne Pollock for the help in bringing our logotype to life.

Aug 25 2014

Aug 22 2014

New tool set, new rehearsal space, new furniture, new iMac, new gopro, new 2TB portable drive, new volume pedal, new laptop, new phone, new mic, new mic stands, FOAM on the brick wall, new pickups in my Casino (being installed, pics to follow), new drum mics, new AMP, the PERFECT table, new MIXER… Woah. We are now record ready. Lots of work to get done, lots of art to come! Diamond Tree begins recording.

Jul 30 2014

Things are moving fast. Auditioning bassists for the next week and GEARING UP! We’ve been investing in quality gear to get the band up and running. Newest addition: my new Sennheiser e945 mic. The thing is a beauty and sounds infinitely better than my SM58.

Jul 27 2014

Guillaume and I decided to rename the band since Electric Elephant was already being used by a band in Iceland. Therefore, I am pleased to announce to the ENTIRE INTERNET RIGHT NOW that we will henceforth be known as Diamond Tree. We’ve been rehearsing frequently at our practice room at Marsonic Studios in Montreal and we are constantly moving the band forward. The next step is to find a permanent bassist, and then get recording! AGAIN! I know, we already did that back in Ottawa, but we both found the songs weren’t at their full potential. We’ve been tweaking the tempos & arrangements and the results show. Here’s our first video, shot with my newly acquired GoPro.

Mar 14 2014

Last Friday my band played a show at the Studio Backstage! That bar is becoming something and I can see it landing on the map as a well known destination for local musicians and artists in the coming months. The band was:

Dave Tone – Guitar / Vox
Guillaume Lavigne – Drums
Glen Knorr – Keys / Backing Vox
Christian Bailet – Bass

Despite rehearsing once as a group the day before the show, we were solid and the crowd loved us. Here’s a pic:

Dec 12 2013

Demo is almost done, lots of overtime at work, here’s a picture of me busking in the Montreal subway:

Oct 17 2013

So life in La cité so far: busking tons, playing open mics here and there, looking for employment and meeting up with old friends. Quebecers are generous! My last day in Ottawa was dedicated to recording drums for three songs I’d written over the past couple years. Guillaume Lavigne rented the mics and layed down some beats in the emptied living room. The first demo is almost done, I’ll be uploading it soon.

September 30th 2013

Sep 15 2013

Moving to Montreal soon, excited about moving to a great cultural city and being able to devote much more time to music. I’ll be in the subways and on the stages in the blink of an eye, can’t WAIT!! Oh, here’s a picture of the little cover band we had here for the summer, it was called: electric elephant.

electric elephant @ the Rainbow August 5th 2013
Mar 24 2012

Recorded February 10th 2011, Gatineau QC